First Water DTU Seminar

First Water DTU Seminar held the 28th-29th October

Water DTU held it's first internal seminar October 28-29 2014 in Glassalen, Building 101, which attracted more than 100 participants from 12 departments, DTU Diplom and the university administration.

Provost Henrik C. Wegener opened the seminar and welcomed the participants on behalf of DTU.

Departments involved in Water DTU by Spring 2014 presented their water related research topics.

Examples of cross-departmental collaborations were given.

A Water DTU decoration element has been designed to mark the Center.

All the departments showed examples of their water related research in a  poster session following the departmental presentations.

This was a very good opportunity to network with researchers from other departments.




Discussions on new research topics?

Center leader Professor Peter Steen Mikkelsen gave a toast to the good cooperation in the new Center.



Result from workshopping

Presentation of the output

The program for both of the days can be seen here.