2nd Water DTU Partner Seminar

Picture taken at the Water DTU 2nd Partner Seminar 2016

Water DTU is hosting the 2nd Water DTU Partner Seminar

Water DTU hosted the 2nd Partner Seminar May 24th-25th 2016 in the Oticon Hall at DTU, Lyngby Campus.

Both days included a poster session, where the involved DTU departments presented their research areas, and company exhibitions. 

The VIS project was an integrated part of the Partner Seminar including hosting several of the workshops.

If any questions!

Camilla Bitsch
Administrative Coordinator
DTU Environment
+4545 25 16 10

Seminar flyer


Workshops in the morning

1A Societal challenges (hosted by the WISE project)
Presentation of societal challenges related to water to be solved through innovative solutions. A societal challenge is defined as an unmet need, where there is a substantial demand for the developed solution. Participants will during the workshop discuss solutions to the presented challenges and how the participants themselves can contribute. You might find your future collaboration partner here– e.g. for a WISE innovation project.
Main speaker: Anders Søgaard, Capital Region of Denmark

2A Water, Energy & Cities (co-hosted the CITIES project)

Monitoring, managing and integration of water and energy in cities is today a key issue. What progress has been made in recent years and can we create a new large project by combining ideas from Water DTU, Smart Cities DTU and Big Data DTU with needs of a city like Copenhagen? Join the workshop to give your input.
Henrik Madsen, DTU Compute: Smart-Energy Operating- System; A system for implementing cross-area flexibility.
Rasmus Halvgaard, DTU Compute/DHI: Energy flexibility in wastewater treatment
Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen, DTU Environment: Water Smart Cities
Municipality of Copenhagen: Smart Liveable Cities
The session ends with a discussion moderated by Gerhard Zucker, AIT

3A H2020 possibilities related to Water
Water is an integrated part of many of the calls in the Horizon2020, 2016-17 and the coming 2018-20 work programme. The workshop will give an overview of the various calls, where water can be a substantial part, and introduce the general conditions for participation. Join this workshop if you have questions, a project idea to discuss or you are looking for future project partners.


Lone Falsig, Research Office

Lars Brückner, Research Office

Barbara Spano, International Relations

Ida Heebøl, creoDK - Brussels

Mette Buskjær Christensen, Copenhagen EU Office - Brussels

09:45-10:45:  Welcome – today’s programme
                    Introduction to Horizon 2020, specific focus on Water
                    Horizon 2020 topics with relevance for Water DTU
                    Other EU funding possibilities
10:45-11:15:  Break
11:15-12:15:  Where can you get support for your proposal?
                    Group sessions where we will look further into the topics
                    Next steps

Demonstration of the network tool Net-Sights
Net-Sights is a state of the art network insights platform to support sustainable production in Denmark (currently in private beta). The platform uses big data and advanced relational analyses to provide insights that help identifying inter-organisational collaboration opportunities between Danish companies. To know more about Net-Sights please visit

Would you like your company to be included in a demonstration of the network tool Net-Sights during the Water DTU Seminar? Then submit your company information at

Workshops in the afternoon

1B Meet the expert - speed dating (hosted by the WISE Project)
Do you have a great innovation idea you would like to discuss with an expert – or would you like to identify a relevant expert? Here is your chance. In this workshop you can sign up for speed dating sessions (12-15 min) with experts within various fields. Maybe you will identify a future collaboration partner.

List of experts:
DTU Chemical Engineering: Researcher Xavier F. Alsina
DTU Compute: Professor Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll or Associate Professor Ekkart Kindler
DTU Environment: Professor Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen and PhD Student Sara M. Lerer or Associate Professor Henrik R. Andersen
DTU Aqua: Associate Professor Colin Stedmon
DTU Energy: Senior Scientist Michela Della Negra
DTU Management Engineering: Associate Professor Stig Irving Olsen
DTU Nanotech: Postdoc Basil Uthuppu

2B Sustainable water systems in the future (hosted by NIRAS)

Sustainable future water cycle management – but how?
These years we develop a lot of new technologies and components for management and operation of our water supply, our waste water systems and the total water cycle – and we strive to make it smart via ICT-technologies. But what about the physical water system as such, the pipe systems, the treatment plants and the integration of urban systems and nature as a whole, the base for it all – do we have the right solutions here, or should we try to think this system different too?

Could we design an urban water system with no waste water, or almost no waste water, and could it maybe prove feasible? What would be the consequences for the waste systems, the heating systems, food production etc.? What if everything was totally different? – and much more sustainable?
Come and give it a try – how much “out-of-the-box” could be realistic to work on?

Organiser: Henrik Kærgaard, NIRAS

3B Water DTU Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Industrial Doctorate

Water DTU submitted in January 2016 a proposal for a Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Industrial Doctorate: “Water Engineering of the Future”. Water DTU and industrial partners from France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, UK and Singapore will host and train 12 industrial PhDs under the 4 themes: ‘Monitoring of water systems’, ‘Treatment Technology’, ‘Systems optimization & design’ and ‘Integrated assessment’. While awaiting the outcome of the proposal, we will at this workshop discuss collaboration opportunities and refine the framing to either prepare for the kick-off of the project in the case of the proposal being granted or to prepare for a revised proposal for next year.