Workshop on Sustainability of water systems

1B Sustainability of water systems

Introduction to workshop:
The sustainability of water systems relates to a multitude of impact indicators and optimization options. Sustainability assessment of novel water technologies is essential to 1) support and document efficiency and performance of the technology, 2) support decisions and facilitate benchmarking of various water technologies, and 3) provide input on predicted multi-criteria performance of technologies in the early development phase. The sustainability assessment can be challenging and contra-intuitive e.g. when climate adaptation change the wastewater composition and necessitates additional wastewater treatment. This workshop will focus on how sustainability of water systems is assessed and applied for multi-criteria optimization.

The output from Workshop:

The purpose of the “sustainability of water systems” workshop was to present, discuss and most importantly develop new project ideas within the field. We had two presentations on lifecycle assessment and multicriteria assessment of water systems and one in relation to product development. We discussed research ideas with representatives from a water utility, DTU Management and DTU Environment. 
We now have two concrete project ideas that will form basis for a research proposal involving the three partners and that can be executed at different levels, from student projects over utility funded projects to large externally funded projects requiring multiple PhD/Post Doc positions.


Martin Rygaard
Associate Professor
DTU Environment
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