Workshop on Real-time monitoring

2B - Real-time monitoring - challenges and solutions

Introduction to workshop:
The rapid developments within sensor and communication technology have made it possible to obtain observations in close to real time, at an affordable cost, for almost any place in our water systems. The workshop addressed what observations we can get from our drinking-, storm-, waste- and process water systems in real-time.

Output from workshop:

The workshop elaborated on the following questions:

  • Which observations will we be able to get in the near future?
  • What data should we get?
  • How do we collect, and make the best use of all this data?
  • What can we potentially gain by better surveillance of our systems?
  • What does it take to get there?

New ideas were presented by participants working with water supply, storm water and wastewater systems from:
 - Research institutions
 - Small and large private companies
 - Consultancies

The workshop gave inspiration to further future collaborations.


Morten Borup
Associate Professor
DTU Environment
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