Workshop on how to innovate the wastewater plant

4A Innovating the wastewater treatment plant of the future

Introduction to workshop:
The wastewater treatment plant of the future will produce more energy than it consumes and reclaim resources for recirculation or reuse.  The workshop will discuss the challenges and solution to optimise and develop treatment technologies and control processes in order to meet this goal. The workshop will generate input for new projects and project collaborations.

Can we find new use of bacteria populations? Can we find solutions for water reuse? Can we optimize total lifetime carbon footprint for a WWTP? Can we increase the value of WWTPs to society? Through a systematic and yet very entertaining setup, you will be a part of discovering emerging problems and generating new solutions to the wastewater treatment plant of the future.

Output from workshop:

Participants were conducted through a systematic and active setup to discover and generate new solutions. 25 participants formulated 33 ”burning” questions which were grouped in 6 themes, and from every theme 1 question was chosen:

  • Contaminants: How to measure the contaminants?
  • Processes: How can aerobic treatment be minimized and targeted?
  • Recovery: How can we recover resources cost & energy efficiently?
  • Regulations: How do we influence legislation and regulation?
  • Software: How can the software be used in WW processes?
  • Water Reuse: How can we reuse the water?

This generated 140 ideas in approximately 1 hour and the participants then selected the 16 most important ideas to elaborate. The next step is that Krüger will select among these 16 ideas and invite participants to elaborate in a defined R&D project.