Workshop on matchmaking and funding opportunities

4B New projects - matchmaking and funding opportunities

Introduction to workshop:
Do you have a great innovation idea for a technology or product, but lack partners with the right competences and knowledge about funding options to bring it into play? During the workshop we will discuss water-related funding opportunities and project ideas - this might be where future innovation collaborations are kick-started! The Water DTU secretariat will be available to guide you towards a relevant Water DTU researcher.

Output from workshop:
The purpose of the workshop was to discuss possibilities for projects under the Water DTU umbrella. The external partners participating stated that the drivers to participate in projects under Water DTU are to gain new knowledge from research and be able to apply this knowledge in new solutions.
Project partner matchmaking can take place at Water DTU facilitated workshops in combination with use of existing networks – the Water DTU secretariat will to some degree be able to assist with guidance towards relevant competences.
In order to fully utilise potential synergy effects under Water DTU, the participants would like Water DTU to frame larger multi competence/discipline projects under overarching headings e.g. water management, city design, water-energy, water treatment, sensors. If establishing smaller individual projects, these should be sought connected to optimise synergy and impact.


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